Motivational Mental Health Speaker and Bestselling Author

TED Talk: Liv to Pop: How to Get to Your Chewy Center

Liv Sain is a mental health speaker and bestselling author of Liv To Tell. Her own story makes her the perfect advocate, educator, and influencer for those who are looking for a way out of their own misery. Her struggles through repeated loss, failing out of college, and a myriad of diagnoses—Tourette Syndrome, epilepsy, bipolar disorder, depression, ADD, OCD, anxiety, alcohol abuse, and suicidal thoughts—resonate with people. Liv overcame all of these obstacles, including speech and language delays, to find her voice as a motivational speaker. She is the founder of LGBTQ support group, The Butterfly Talks in Orlando, Fla.
Student and Venture Capital Fellow

TED Talk: Do it For You, Not Your Resume

Melissa Hernandez, a Bryant University Senior, is a goal-oriented problem solver who is passionate about venture capital. At a young age, she was exposed to entrepreneurship and developed a fascination for how startups were created. She spent the last 6 years learning, traveling, and collaborating with founders, innovators, and investors from the US, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Her diverse global experience inspires others to go after their ambitious ideas regardless of the odds.

TED Talk: SySTEMic Misogyny: Why Women do Not Win Nobel Prizes at The Same Rate as Men

Olivia is a senior at Bryant University with a major in Management concentrating in Leadership and Innovation and Women and Gender Studies. She was the first female student government president in over a decade. In this role, she strove to expand gender representation and bridge gender gaps within the organization. She is passionate about creating a future where women feel confident and empowered to pursue their passions and shape their future.

TED Talk: The Hidden Life of Being an Immigrant

Ramon is a junior at Bryant University who would someday like to change the world in a positive way. As an immigrant, he has faced an unexpected amount of adversity which has led him to learn many valuable lessons and experiences. He uses this wisdom to be a resource for others and to educate those around him. At Bryant University he inspires his peers by serving as an orientation leader, peer counselor, and residence assistant.

President & CEO Personal Development Solutions, LLC.; President, National Alumni Council; Chair Board of Trustees Diversity Equity, & Inclusion Committee

TED Talk: Surpassing your Personal Best

Rita graduated from Bryant University in 1976 and currently provides consultative services to organizations and individuals in the areas of leadership development, team building, emotional intelligence, diversity, ethics and insurance education. She is a keynote speaker and a highly sought-after conference presenter. Using a client-centered approach, Rita provides workshops, webinars, and sessions custom tailored to her clients’ needs. Her mission is to share proven strategies to better leverage individuals’ talents and skills to reach their full potential.
Sales and Marketing Professor and RNMKRS Co-founder

TED Talk: Learning How to Get What You Want

Stefanie is a sales and marketing professor at Bryant University who loves to help people grow to see their potential. Her vast experience with previous professions such as firefighting, US Customs, and selling financial services have led her to a path of understanding how to help herself and others find their voice, build confidence, and make the most out of their lives. She strongly believes in the power of sharing knowledge and does so through her literary publications and speaking engagements. Currently, Stefanie trains students and works with organizations by providing sales training that improves process, performance, and success of salespeople, managers, and organizations.
Healthcare Entrepreneur

TED Talk: Facing Adversity and Winning

Steve graduated from Bryant University in 1986 with a Bachelor’s Degree. He is currently a candidate in the Bryant Professional MBA program and expected to graduate in 2021. Steve is a Principal with Island Creek Partners, LLC which he founded in 2016. Island Creek Partners is dedicated to improving and sustaining human life through optimized, technology-enabled workflows. Steve has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry with significant operational oversight in designing and optimizing care delivery models. Most recently, he led the deployment of the largest virtual cardiac rehabilitation program in the United States. Steve is also an FAA Certified Flight Instructor helping pilots improve their flying skills. Supporting and coaching others be the best version of themselves is a core value.

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